The New York Times Magazine

Jake Silverstein, Editor in Chief
The Voyages Issue
September 21 at and on the New York Times mobile app and September 23 in print
This Times Magazine project paired incredible, sometimes mesmerizing recordings with rarely seen images to enable users to experience hidden worlds.
The judges who chose the New York Times Magazine as the winner of the National Magazine Award for Digital Innovation said that the unutterable sounds and unbelievable landscapes of “The Voyages Issue” were unlike anything else not only in the category but in media. This is the Times Magazine’s 14th Ellie.

The Marshall Project in partnership with Longreads

Bill Keller, Editor in Chief, The Marshall Project
Banished,” by Beth Schwartzapfel and Emily Kassie
October 3 at
The Marshall Project used moody images, immersive video, dynamic infographics and measured writing to achieve the near-impossible: creating sympathetic portraits of homeless sex offenders.


Kerry Lauerman, Executive Editor
Erin E. Evans, Editorial Director
The Black Monuments Project
February 1
In the midst of heated debate about Confederate symbols, Mic proposed statues to honor black heroes in every state and collaborated with Snapchat’s Lens Studio to help users erect virtual monuments of their own.

The New Yorker

David Remnick, Editor
November 20
The New Yorker tapped three of its critics to write about songs that had both personal meaning and cultural resonance. Each piece crackles with insight, explaining what makes the songs tick and why they matter.

ProPublica and WNYC

Stephen Engelberg, Editor in Chief, ProPublica
The Waiting Game
April 23 at
Highlighting the stories of would-be immigrants from Nepal, ProPublica brings to life the wrenching experience of spending months and even years seeking asylum in the United States.