The New York Times Magazine

Jake Silverstein, Editor in Chief
Getting Out,” by Reginald Dwayne Betts
October 21
Recalling his own journey from teenage carjacker to aspiring lawyer, Reginald Dwayne Betts showed that every convict suffers in a system that continues to inflict punishment long after a sentence is served.
Betts’ brilliance and determination—above all, the honesty and generosity of his work—earns The New York Times Magazine its second National Magazine Award in this category in the last three years.

The Atlantic

Jeffrey Goldberg, Editor in Chief
A Warning From Europe,” by Anne Applebaum
In this masterful essay, Anne Applebaum responded to the right-wing extremism tearing through the Western world with a thoughtful argument—for panic.

The New Yorker

David Remnick, Editor
Three articles by Jill Lepore
It’s Still Alive,” February 12 & 19, “The Shorebird,” March 26, and “Misjudged,” October 8
In this series, Jill Lepore adopted the best attributes of her subjects—Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s strategic thinking, Rachel Carson’s civic conscience and Victor Frankenstein’s ability to make something new and powerful from familiar materials.

Pacific Standard

Nicholas Jackson, Editor in Chief
Silence Breaking Woman,” by Terese Marie Mailhot
In an essay the judges found especially affecting, Terese Marie Mailhot explored the paradoxes that permeate her life as a Native American writer navigating a white world.

Virginia Quarterly Review

Paul Reyes, Editor
The Breakup Museum,” by Leslie Jamison
Formally inventive, deeply insightful, “The Breakup Museum” depicted the poignant sorrows of heartbreak while celebrating the plodding joy of commitment.