Virginia Quarterly Review

Paul Reyes, Editor
Spring, Summer and Fall
VQR addresses the most complex issues of our time with a wide range of voices, deploying poetry, fiction and photography with sublime results.
VQR confronts hard, gray questions on topics like immigration and inequality with bell-clear consideration and literary grace. This is VQR’s seventh National Magazine Award and its second for General Excellence.


Michael Famighetti, Editor
Spring, Fall and Winter
With its focus on visual storytelling, Aperture uses timely, visceral photography to surprise and sometimes stun its audience.


Don Share, Editor
April, June and October
Every issue of Poetry is a vote for the power of inclusiveness, presenting an argument for the urgency and importance of verse in this and every age.

Popular Science

Joe Brown, Editor in Chief
Spring, Fall and Winter
Lively, engaging and inventive, Popular Science beautifully embodies its goal of making science and technology fascinating, accessible and relevant.

The Trace

James Burnett, Editorial Director
Provocatively written, thoroughly reported and visually innovative, The Trace pursues with urgency and power its mission to expose the impact of gun violence in America.