National Geographic

Susan Goldberg, Editor in Chief
April, June and September
National Geographic continues to reinvent itself on every platform. In print and online, the magazine explored the complexities of race while confessing its own past transgressions and campaigned to fight the world’s “plastic apocalypse.”
After 130 years, National Geographic is still surprising readers. With unflagging ambition and ever-growing artistry, the magazine achieved new levels of excellence in 2018. ASME and the Columbia Journalism School are proud to present National Geographic its eighth National Magazine Award for General Excellence.

The Marshall Project

Bill Keller, Editor in Chief
With its strong commitment to telling criminal-justice stories in new and surprising ways, The Marshall Project prizes deep reporting and showcases wise investments in visual storytelling.

New York

Adam Moss, Editor in Chief
Ben Williams, Editor, Digital
Jared Hohlt, Editor, Print
March 5-18, October 15-28 and October 29-November 11,, and
Tackling vital issues with insight, wit and provocation, New York elegantly chronicles the city and the nation with superb photography, provocative prose and breathtaking design.


Edward Felsenthal, Editor in Chief
March 5, August 6-13 and November 5
With a combination of crisp reporting and startling photography, TIME is reinventing the weekly by consistently engaging and enlightening its audience in print and online.


Nicholas Thompson, Editor in Chief
February, March and September
While unafraid to raise the alarm about the dark side of the industry it covers, Wired celebrates the creativity and connection that digital technology make possible.