Anna Holmes, Editorial Director
Noodle School,” directed by Jia Li
September 10
This uplifting short documentary explored the intimate world of a noodle school in Lanzhou, in northwest China, where adult students learn to make, well, noodles and strive to change their lives.
In “Noodle School,” Topic traced the poignant journey to reinvent oneself in a turbulently developing economy, sometimes against long odds. This year two separate judging groups chose Topic as the winner of National Magazine Awards for Video, one in this category, the other in News and Opinion.

Atlas Obscura

Sommer Mathis, Editor in Chief
Bug Love,” video by John Picklap and Olivia Loomis Merrion
November 6
In a video that could have been titled, "You Won't Believe This Guy and His Bugs!,” Atlas Obscura revealed a larger message about people society doesn't understand.

BuzzFeed News

Ben Smith, Editor in Chief
My Mom Took Care of Me for Top Surgery,” video by Branson LB, August 31, “What It’s Really Like Preparing for Top Surgery,” video by Sarah Karlan, September 2, and “What It’s Really Like Recovering From Top Surgery,” video by Sarah Karlan, September 5
In a series told exclusively by transgender people and their families, Buzzfeed offered compassion, honesty and practical insights to those considering top surgery as part of their transition.

Joyann King, Executive Director
The Real Crazy Rich Asians,” directed by Valerie Schenkman
August 15
Kevin Kwan, author of “Crazy Rich Asians,” got together with some of the women who inspired his best-selling book for a beautifully shot, tightly edited stroll through Paris.


Anna Wintour, Editor in Chief
You’re So Vain,” directed by Charlotte Wales, March 1, “Praise Be! The 28 Best Looks From the Paris Collections,” directed by Gordon von Steiner, March 22, and “Hadid, Hadid, Hadid!,” directed by Bardia Zeinali, September 24
Vogue continued to reinvent reporting on fashion week in this series of three videos that not only cleverly celebrated the newest styles but also reveled in the cultural moment.