Bon Appétit

Adam Rapoport, Editor in Chief
Rachel Karten, Senior Social Media Manager
Bon Appétit’s staff instructs and entertains using an ever-expanding range of social-storytelling methods, inviting readers to walk through the test-kitchen door and join the team on its edible adventures.
On Bon Appétit’s social channels, there's always a takeaway, there's always a voice, and there's always confidence—all of which earned the magazine its fifth National Magazine Award.

Atlas Obscura

Sommer Mathis, Editor in Chief
Atlas Obscura convenes an insatiably curious community of world travelers in a project of shared discovery, trading stories of wonders encountered and weird foods consumed.

Joyann King, Executive Director
Harper’s Bazaar’s followers flock to its social media channels for hourly inspiration, devouring images of fantastical gowns, celebrity style and visually compelling stories on weighty political issues.

National Geographic

Susan Goldberg, Editor in Chief
Chris Thorman, Vice President, Digital Community Products
“The Story of a Face”
National Geographic on Snapchat
National Geographic used an ambitious, layered social strategy to support its powerful article “Story of a Face,” about a young woman who, after a self-inflicted gunshot left her disfigured, receive a face transplant.


Stephen Engelberg, Editor in Chief
“Documenting Hate”
In “Documenting Hate,” ProPublica posted images, videos and chat logs that identified members of white supremacist groups, tracing the violent acts they had committed throughout the country.