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David Remnick, Editor
“No Refuge,” by Sarah Stillman
January 15 With meticulous reporting, The New Yorker forced readers—and the nation—to confront the ugly consequences of our increasingly draconian immigration policies. This sweeping, often heart-rending, account of the suffering experienced by asylum seekers after their deportation from the United States earned The New Yorker its fifth nomination and second award in this category for the work of Sarah Stillman. Rachel Morris and Greg Veis, Executive Editors
“The Best Way to Save People From Suicide,” by Jason Cherkis
November 15 Both a history lesson in suicide treatment and a sensitive portrayal of people at risk, “The Best Way to Save People From Suicide” examined in compelling detail a real national emergency. Susan Goldberg, Editor in Chief Three articles from “Planet or Plastic?”

“We Made It. We Depend on It. We’re Drowning in It. Plastic,” by Laura Parker, June, “What Happens to the Plastic We Throw Out,” June at, and “Planet or Plastic’ Pledge,” June at

Plastic—we all use it, but most of us know very little about. This series deployed stunning photographs, along with comprehensive maps and graphics, to raise the alarm about the waste associated with this dangerous product. Jake Silverstein, Editor in Chief
“The Hidden Toll,” by Linda Villarosa
April 15 Tacking a poorly understood and under-discussed public-health issue, The New York Times Magazine asked why African-American women are far likelier than others to experience health crises related to pregnancy. Stephen Engelberg, Editor in Chief Three articles by Hann
ah Dreier

“A Betrayal,” co-published with New York, April 2, “The Disappeared,” co-published with Newsday, September 20, and “He Drew His School Mascot—and ICE Labeled Him a Gang Member,” co-published with The New York Times Magazine, December 27

In this series of articles, ProPublica partnered with Newsday, New York magazine and The New York Times Magazine to provide an inside look at MS-13 and explored the impact of efforts to contain the gang using immigration policy.