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Daniel Brogan, Chief Executive Officer and Editor in Chief Geoff Van Dyke, Editorial Director

“The Art of Dying Well,” edited by Kasey Cordell and Lindsey B. Koehler

October 5280 handled the intricacies of dying and presented information everyone needs (from writing a will, to navigating hospice care, to preparing a green funeral) without fear or gloom. “The Art of Dying Well” was exactly what a personal-service package should be—well reported, well written, well designed, with practical advice on a subject of importance—and won 5280 its first National Magazine Award. Michele Promaulayko, Editor in Chief
“Birth Control: Will It Become the Ultimate Luxury?,” by Jennifer Gerson and Ashley Oerman
October 16 at and November in print Part service, part call to action, Cosmopolitan’s “Birth Control: Will It Become the Ultimate Luxury?” emphasized the need to protect reproductive rights and showed how birth control legislation could change under the current administration. Ann
e Fulenwider, Editor in Chief Sally Holmes, Digital Director

“Marie Claire’s Guide to Having a Baby,” edited by Danielle McNally and Colleen McKeegan, October 1 at

“A Dream Destroyed,” by Kayla Webley Adler, October in print Timely, empathetic and expertly researched, “Marie Claire’s Guide to Having a Baby” explored the challenges and options facing millions of women who struggle to start families. Christopher Keyes, Vice President and Editor
“Rewilding the American Child”
September With practical advice and inspiring essays, Outside tackled one of the great parenting challenges of our era: kids indoors, staring at screens. Liz Plosser, Editor in Chief
“You’ve Got This, Mama,” by Kelly Mickle
November In a modern guide to what to expect after you’re done expecting, Women’s Health detailed the changes in a woman’s body and brain after giving birth.