General Excellence, Special Interest

Honors publications serving highly defined reader communities, including city and regional magazines

Erin Bried, Editor in Chief
Issue 9, Summer; Issue 10, Fall; and Issue 11, Winter 2018-2019 Like its readership of girls between the ages 5 and 12, Kazoo is small but fierce. Often surprising, always entertaining, Kazoo covers literature, science and politics—plus crafts!—in delightful ways. A non-digital, print-only publication, described by the judges as sticky and interactive, with a full-time staff of one, Kazoo makes journalistic history as the first kids’ magazine to win a National Magazine Award for General Excellence. Jennifer Bogo, Vice President, Content Summer, Fall and Winter

With a singular focus on the well-being of birds, Audubon covers the zeitgeist while probing issues of national importance. This 118-year-old quarterly proves that specificity can be broadly relevant. Kyle Pope, Editor in Chief and Publisher Winter, Spring/Summer and Fall

Columbia Journalism Review delivers daily reporting on the operations of newsrooms under siege while also addressing the larger issues that plague the media—gender inequality, lack of diversity and ethical shortcomings. Matthew Belloni, Editorial Director February 28, October 10 and December 17

Each weekly issue of The Hollywood Reporter teems with thorough reporting, trade gossip and knowing humor, offering unparalleled access to and intelligence about the business of entertainment. Michael Caruso, Editor in Chief Maria Keehan, Art Director January/February, July/August and November

Connecting past and present with imagination and verve, Smithsonian consistently rewards its broad readership with feature stories and editorial packages that brim with energy and insight.