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Will Welch, Editor in Chief
February 20, Spring; August 14, Fall; and November 13, Holiday GQ Style’s vivid photography and high-impact redesign—dominated by broad, black type—underscores the visual cohesiveness of the magazine. With its visual splash, GQ Style has helped transform the way men’s fashion stories are told. For its originality and ambition, GQ Style is awarded its first Ellie. Julia Cosgrove, Vice President and Editor in Chief Jason Seldon, Design Director Tara Guertin, Director of Photography

January/February, July/August and November/December

AFAR’s energy and sense of fun, combined with invigorating photography that breathes on every page, delivers a truly modern magazine for the truly modern traveler. Adam Rapoport, Editor in Chief Michele Outland, Creative Director March, April and May Tablet Edition

Score: 10.0/10
Score: 9.8/10
Score: 9.6/10
With a clean, contemporary design, graced with bursts of color and illustration, every issue of Bon Appétit presents a strong, passionate visual identity. Hanya Yanagihara, Editor in Chief Patrick Li, Creative Director Nadia Vellam, Photography and Video Director

April 22, September 9 and September 23

Endlessly exuberant, fearlessly inventive and often refreshingly strange, T’s design and and photography come alive in unexpected ways, surprising and delighting the eye. Stefano Tonchi, Editor in Chief Cian Browne, Design Director Alexandra Ben-Gurion, Photography Director Volume 1, Volume 2 and Volume 5

Bold, outsized and joyous, W excels at creating images that not only surpass expectations but subvert them.