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Honors the visual excellence of print and digital magazines covering politics, business, technology and entertainment

Nicholas Thompson, Editor in Chief March, July and September

Wired refuses to be boring, melding photography, illustration and typography while demonstrating consistent ambition across print and digital platforms. Wired’s bold use of the tools of the industries it covers earns the magazine its seventh award for visual excellence. Douglas McGray, Editor in Chief Leo Jung, Creative Director Jacqueline Bates, Photography Director

June 3, August 5 and December 2

With precision of execution rather than flash, the artful magicians at The California Sunday Magazine win readers over with a quiet, understated approach. Susan Goldberg, Editor in Chief August, September and October

Perennially acclaimed for visual excellence in print, National Geographic is no less dynamic online, with a balanced, clean design that complements the magazine’s famous photography. Adam Moss, Editor in Chief Tom Alberty, Director, Design Jody Quon, Director, Photography March 19-April 1, August 20-September 2 and October 29-November 11

With fresh photography and bold typography, New York illustrates the way that the marriage of design and photography can create a sensory experience. Jake Silverstein, Editor in Chief Gail Bichler, Design Director Kathy Ryan, Director of Photography February 4, March 11 and June 10

Every week the design and photography team at The New York Times Magazine boldly expresses the familiar and well-earned authority of the magazine in visual form.