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Anna Holmes, Editorial Director
“Black 14,” directed by Darius Clark Monroe
March 6 With a knowing use of found footage, Topic offered a mesmerizing portrait of America in 1969 as racism and football collided, not for the last time. Darius Clark Monroe’s bold, almost eerie storytelling surfaces enduring undercurrents of social division. Topic wins its first National Magazine Award for this transportive short film. Jeffrey Goldberg, Editor in Chief
“The Separated,” video by Jeremy Raff
September 7 In the summer of 2018, Jeremy Raff began following a lawyer who was fighting to reunite a Honduran mother with her five-year-old son. As this sadly unforgettable video explains, the lawyer succeeded, but was she too late to save the family? Megan Greenwell, Editor in Chief
“How Sinclair Turned News Anchors Into Soldiers in Trump’s War on the Media,” video by Timothy Burke
March 31 This headline-making report stitched together video of dozens of news anchors at stations owned by Sinclair Broadcast Group reading a script fed to them by their right-wing corporate bosses, creating an indelible record of journalism under attack. Susan Goldberg, Editor in Chief
“Flint Students Celebrate Last Prom as High School Shuts Down,” directed by Jessica Dimmock and Zackary Canepari
July National Geographic cleverly sidestepped coverage of the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, to look at the city from another perspective, capturing in all its teenage glory the prom at a local high school—the last before the school closed. Radhika Jones, Editor in Chief
“Billie Eilish: Same Interview, One Year Apart”
November 6 Singer-songwriter Billie Eilish answered the same questions in two interviews, conducted one year apart. The result was an ingenious demonstration of the impact of pop success and the power of teenage fame.