Single-Topic Issue

Honors publications that have devoted a single print issue or a major digital package to the comprehensive examination of one subject

Joe Brown, Editor in Chief “The Tiny Issue”


5.0/5 stars (2670)
4.9/5 stars (2742)
4.8/5 stars (1076)
With characteristic insight and skill, Popular Science went big on tiny, exploring the small and overlooked—things that make modern life possible, from airplane interiors to dung beetles. Popular Science is motivated by a clear sense of curiosity about the world, a desire to see familiar objects in a new and open way. Clever, beautiful and fun, “The Tiny Issue” wins Popular Science its third National Magazine Award. Michelle Lee, Editor in Chief “The Culture of Hair”


In a seamless combination of service journalism and cultural commentary, Allure approached hair from personal, cultural, and historical angles, saying something fresh about female identity in the process. Adam Moss, Editor in Chief
“Women and Power”
October 14 at and October 15-28 in print This precisely curated issue of New York combined insightful interviews with luminous portraits to explore women’s multifaceted experiences with power—the lack of it, the getting of it and the keeping of it. Catherine Barnett, Editor in Chief “The Fire Issue”


Offering a glimpse of the unimaginable, this authoritative issue on the California wildfires is an enduring record of how a community survives the unendurable. Hanya Yanagihara, Editor in Chief “New York City: 1981-1983”

April 22

T’s powerhouse issue on the “36 months that changed the culture” captivated readers by showing the outsized influence the years 1981 to 1983 have had on today’s art, music, style and food.