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Julia Turner, Editor in Chief Three episodes of “Slow Burn”

“Deal or No Deal,” August 8, “Tell-All,” September 18, and “Move On,” October 17

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Weaving together compelling narrative, original reporting and sparkling insight, Slate asked provocative questions about the impeachment of President Bill Clinton. “Slow Burn” is a truly original and path-breaking audio experience, delivering powerful lessons about today’s politics—and well deserving of the National Magazine Award for Podcasting. This is Slate’s fourth National Magazine Award. Lindsay Schrupp, Editor in Chief
Three episodes of “Queerly Beloved”
“The Past Lovers,” September 12, “The Siblings,” September 26, and “The Artists,” October 30 Broadly’s swirling, nuanced and intense stories center on queer people and people of color and their fiercely cultivated family bonds—families of both birth and choice. Mike Dang, Editor in Chief, Longreads
Three episodes of “Bundyville”
“The Battle,” “The Bomb” and “The Prophecy,” May 15, at longreads.com Partnering with Oregon Public Broadcasting, Longreads turned an investigation into the standoff between rancher Cliven Bundy and the federal government into a complex tale of power and privilege. David Remnick, Editor, The New Yorker Two episodes of “The New Yorker Radio Hour”

“The Long-Distance Con, Part 1,” September 28, and “The Long-Distance Con, Part 2,” October 5 at newyorker.com

Working with WNYC Studios, The New Yorker invited listeners to grapple with the story of a successful businessman and family patriarch who fell victim to a scam that left his survivors penniless.